All award nominations are closed. The award banquet will be Thursday October 20.2022 at 6pm in Wayne Ballroom C&D

American Chemical Society (ACS) Midwest Award


In 1944, the St. Louis Section of the ACS established, and since then sponsors and funds the ACS Midwest Award to recognize “those who have made meritorious contributions to the advancement of pure or applied chemistry, or chemical education” in the Midwest Region.


The award consists of a medallion and a cash honorarium; it is presented by the St. Louis Section Chair at the Midwest Awards Banquet.


The award has been conferred annually on a scientist who has made such meritorious contributions in the profession of chemistry.  The contributions must have been made during a period of residence in the geographic area defined by the territories of the Local Sections of the ACS that participate in the Midwest Regional Meeting (MWRM) of the ACS.  These 17 Sections have been listed in programs for Midwest Regional Meetings (or you can contact me to confirm eligibility).  Nominees need not be members of the ACS and can work in industry, academia, government, or in private practice.  Those ineligible for the Midwest Award include prior recipients of either the Midwest Award or any national award administered by the ACS.  Also, ineligible are members of the Midwest Award Jury.  For the St. Louis Section of the ACS, the Past Chair, the Chair, the Chair-Elect, the Secretary and members of the Awards Committee also are ineligible.  More details concerning the main features of the Midwest Award are available at in Bylaw XII.


Nominations should consist of a nominating letter for the nominee and two or more seconding letters; a CV for the nominee; a brief biography for the nominee; and documented and objective information regarding the outstanding achievements of the nominee.  Other recent practices include the following.  If the nominee is an academic, a list of people who received advanced degrees under her or his direction should be provided.  Activities by the nominee that support the ACS in the Midwest Region constitute additional criteria of merit.  Please submit nominations electronically via a single pdf file to the e-mail address given below.  They must be received on or before the deadline of Thursday March 31, 2022 (11:59 pm CST).  The review panel as defined by the guidelines is made up of chemistry professionals, resident in the Midwest Region.  Nominations are retained and reconsidered (if unsuccessful) over a period of 3 consecutive years.

If you have questions, please contact Jim O’Brien at or call (314) 757-5717 (cell).

Nominations should be directed to:

Dr. Jim O’Brien (

Stanley C. Israel Regional Award for Advancing Diversity in the Chemical Sciences


The Stanley C. Israel Regional Award recognizes individuals and/or institutions who have advanced diversity in the chemical sciences and significantly stimulated or fostered activities that promote inclusiveness within the region.


The award consists of a medal and a $1,000 grant to support and further the activities for which the award was made. The award also will include funding to cover the recipient’s travel expenses to the ACS regional meeting at which the award will be presented.


Nominees may come from academia, industry, government, or independent entities, and may also be organizations, including ACS Local Sections and Divisions. The nominee must have created and fostered ongoing programs or activities that result in increased numbers of persons from diverse and underrepresented minority groups, persons with disabilities, or women who participate in the chemical enterprise.


The deadline to apply for Fall 2022 is August 1. For more information on applying, including the electronic nomination form, please visit the ACS Stanley C. Israel Regional Award web site.

E. Ann Nalley Midwest Region Award for Volunteer Service to the American Chemical Society


To recognize the volunteer efforts of individuals who have served the American Chemical Society, contributing significantly to the goals and objectives of the Society through their Regional Activities.

Nature and Establishment

This award was instituted in 2006 by ACS President E. Ann Nalley as part of her presidential initiative to recognize ACS volunteerism. It was Dr. Nalley’s wish that the award continue in perpetuity at each regional meeting. The award consists of a plaque honoring the recipient with an imbedded medallion commemorating Dr. Nalley.

Rules of Eligibility

A nominee must be a member of the American Chemical Society residing in a local section within the region, and will have made significant contributions to their Region of the American Chemical Society. The volunteerism to be recognized may include a variety of activities, including but not limited to the initiation or sponsorship of a singular endeavor or exemplary leadership in the region. Past and present members of the ACS Board of Directors and staff are ineligible for this award.


Any individual, except a member of the award selection committee, may nominate or support only one nominee for this award in any given year. Please complete all fields.

Submittal process

Submit each of the following: nomination and support forms, and biographical sketch (or curriculum vitae) to Awards Chair, Dr. Jetty Duffy-Matzner via email attachment at by September 16, 2022.

ACS Midwest Regional Partners for Progress and Prosperity Regional Award


To encourage and recognize successful and exemplary partnerships within the Region. These partnerships can be between industry, academia, government, small business and/or other organizations including ACS local sections, ACS divisions, ACS international chapters, other societies or various entities domestic or overseas resulting in impactful outcomes in one or more of the following categories:

  • Improving the public perception and appreciation for chemistry
  • Promoting career advancement opportunities and/or supporting entrepreneurship in the chemistry enterprise
  • Advancing advocacy efforts with government and other thought leaders
  • Supporting STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) education and/or research


The award will consist of a special Partners for Progress and Prosperity silver/gold medallion plus a framed certificate of recognition (one for each Partner representing an entity or organization) plus up to $1,000 grant split equally between the partners to further the activities for which the award is made.


A nominee may represent academia, industry, government, small business or other organizations such as a Local Section. Partnerships can include any ACS, domestic or international entity.

Establishment & Support

This award was instituted in 2014 by Marinda Li Wu, Immediate Past ACS President, to promote partnering for progress and prosperity. The funds were evenly distributed at the end of 2014 to all Regional Meeting Boards who wish to participate. It will be up to each Regional Meeting Board how much to fund each P3 Award and whether any of the funds should be used to help support travel, if needed.

How to Apply

The P3 Award package should include:

  • Completed Nomination Form describing the partnership, its activities, outcomes, and impact.
  • Completed P3 Participating Partners Form from each of the participating partners.
  • A least one, but no more than three completed Supporter Forms.

Submit to Awards Chair, Dr. Jetty Duffy-Matzner via email as an attachment by September 16, 2022.

ACS Division of Chemical Education Midwest Award for Excellence in High School Teaching in Memory of John E. Bauman, Jr.

The following items are required components for a Nomination Portfolio.  Please check each item contained in the portfolio. This list, submitted by the nominator, will serve as the cover to every submitted portfolio.

Nominator Information Form;

Nominee Information Form;

Nominator Recommendation Letter of no more than 750 words;

Nominee’s Statement on Teaching Philosophy of no more than 500 words:

This statement of teaching philosophy should reflect specific examples of how one teaches chemistry.  It should explain what is considered to be effective teaching strategies as well as discuss philosophy on teaching.

Nominee’s Current CV:
A curriculum vitae or resume that includes a list of the nominee’s honors, professional activities, and additional evidence of service to the profession.  This must be limited to no more than two pages and the activities listed must have occurred within the past five years.  The scoring rubric is attached to help the nominees to craft their submission package.

Letters of Support (no more than 750 words):

One must be from the teacher’s current principal or supervisor.

Up to two additional letters of support may be sent by colleagues, members of the American Chemical Society who are familiar with the nominee’s achievements, or former students and parents of former students.

Submittal process

Submit the Nomination Portfolio by September 16, 2022 to Awards Chair, Dr. Jetty Duffy-Matzner via email attachment at