Sponsorship Options

If your company is interested in participating in the exposition at the ACS Midwest Regional Meetings being held in Iowa City, IA from October 19-21, 2022 there are a number of options available for sponsorship.

Due to limited availability, please contact Scott Shaw (scott-k-shaw@uiowa.edu) or Lucas Claussen (lucasclaussen39@gmail.com) before submitting exhibitor documentation or payments.

Option 1 (Package Options)

Option 2 (non-package options)

Symposium Sponsor:
    • One (1) Full-day ($1000)
    • One (1) Half-day ($500)
Refreshment Break Sponsor ($500):
    • Coffee Break
    • Sci-Mix
2022 MWRM App Rolling Advertising
    • Full Meeting: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday full sessions ($800)
    • Two Full-Days: Thursday & Friday full sessions ($600)
    • Two Half-Days: Thursday & Friday afternoon sessions ($400)
Print Only Advertising ($200)

*The organizing committee will provide bags for distribution at registration. With this option, exhibitor sponsor(s) will
be able to have promotional materials (e.g. flyers, brochures, company labeled pens, etc.) inserted into the registration
bags. Each exhibitor sponsor is responsible for providing their promotional materials.

If you wish to provide a donation or sponsorship you can do so through our online portal. (Note: this portal is only for donation/sponsorship and NOT for meeting registration payments)